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New Orleans has the No. 1 per capita murder rating in the nation. A decade earlier the city was dubbed the "Murder Capital of the Country." Drugs and violence controlled the streets, taking a toll on the city's law enforcement, neighborhoods and its people. Illustrating this dark chapter in the city's history is "Death Toll".
To say Im a huge DMX fan would be a gross understatement. So when I saw a movie starring my man, that appeared to be more drama than action, I had to buy it. I didn&#39;t expect too much, but I also didn&#39;t expect a total piece of garbage.<br/><br/>Im going to be honest with you here…This is one of the worst films I have ever seen. Not THE worst, but definitely somewhere in the top 10. Im actually kind of surprised everyone involved in this project would allow this thing to hit the shelves. Because in all seriousness, I would be ashamed to be associated with this mess.<br/><br/>First of all, DMX and Lou Diamond Phillips have no business being the first credited actors, and no business being on the cover of the DVD. Why? They are hardly even a part of the film. X appears 3 or 4 times for less than a minute each time, and Mr Phillips has about the same amount of face time. This is not good, as the film really could have used more of them to redeem it somewhat.<br/><br/>There is no story, it jumps all over the place, there was LITERALLY ZERO character development, and the acting was horrific. It was pretty much 80 minutes of people shooting each other full of holes. Other than that, it was a series of images that add up to nothing.<br/><br/>It is not often that I have a tough time finishing a movie. This one nearly got the better of me, but I stuck it out. It really was not to my benefit. I don&#39;t really know what else to say. This film is really bad. I honestly cannot say one good thing about it. That&#39;s frightening. Do not spend money to watch it, seriously.<br/><br/>I really, for the life of me, cant figure out what these people were attempting to accomplish here. Regardless of what that may be, they failed miserably. I don&#39;t often hand out 1s, but I am obligated to do so in this instance.
i had to wait a couple of weeks to be able to rent this movie at red box because i was exited to see what was in store for movie fans. i was surprised to see how bad it was. in fact i did not finish it, &quot;boring as hell&quot;. i do not understand why Lou and DMX can be in a movie that bad. i wanted to see it because of them, not the title. if the intent of the movie was to show the reality of violence and drug in some neighborhoods or how hard life can be in them, there are movies that have done a better job. how can two well known and good actors participate or even produce what looks like a low budget and non professional movie. a few minutes after i started to watch the movie i was no longer interested in finishing it. there was too many mistakes and i was confused. i had a hard time following the story and that&#39;s annoying. none of the actors acted as pro even those who are suppose to be. after seeing DMX with Steven Seagal and with Jet Lee in other movies i could not believe he was involved in that farce that was a shock. it&#39;s a good thing that the movie was free, i would have regretted my money. i still regret the time i spent being all exited. actors should think before putting their names or participate in certain projects. where are the friends and the critics? MDX better get serious next time he wants to produce another movie. that people, was not good at all

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