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A high-level thief meets an arms dealer and they embark on a crime spree together across their city.
Braden, a high-level thief and ex con-man, meets an arms dealer named Skye and takes her under his wing, teaching her the petty crimes that brought him to where he is now. They embark on a crime spree together across their city, until they are forced into a corner. Skye immediately wants to flee the city, but Braden wants her to first help him with a larger-than-normal heist that may help repair his past.
I can't say I'm much of a movie guru, but speaking on behalf of all the average Joe's who enjoy a good movie every once in a while, this one is definitely not to be missed. You've got your action, your romance, and cool props that I would never have guessed could be possible for a recent college graduate producer to obtain. Your eyes will be watering purely from forgetting to blink during this movie, and you'll for sure regret blinking because you don't want to miss a second of it all. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE if you absolutely loathe a flawless story unfold before you on the big screen, making you feel all sorts of emotions and changing your whole life for the better. Congratulations to such a young producer, remember us random IMDb enthusiasts when you're a big shot in Hollywood!
As an actor myself, I usually watch movies not entirely for enjoyment, but as a learning experience. Some films I am able to pick up on techniques of what to try in my own acting, and sometimes what not to try. The casting in Mi$fits was a huge lesson in how to be a bad ass dramatic actor. The sexy, sarcastic, subtle script was elevated by the contemporary and edgy cinematography. <br/><br/>In a story similar to a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, the actors, along with the elaborate, detail-oriented sets and camera angles,hypnotize you with the world that director and writer, Johno Faherty has created for these characters. Actors Jason A. Drago, Danni Wang, and Christine Spang were chosen for very obvious reasons; they were completely engulfed in their characters. If you are looking for a thrill-ride in an expensive sport car, or perhaps a private jet, look no further than Mi$fits. My only complaint is that the movie was not longer. Let&#39;s hope for all our sake that this short is picked up and turned into a full-length feature.

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